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Documents enclosed:   

1. Birth Certificate
2. Recommendation Letter
3. Medical Certificates
4. Proof of Residence


  1. Mother Teresa Home for the aged Virar is administered by the trustees of S.P.M Trust. The management takes responsibility to look alter the inmates till his / her death, but the management is not responsible for the inmates fall, illness etc.
  2. To be eligible for admission a person must be at least 60 years of age. If less the decision of the admission committee shall be final and binding and no reasons may be told for the refusal of admission.
  3. The management reserves the right to terminate the stay of an inmate without assigning any reason if 60 days notice is given. Incase inmate's relative’s needs discharges of their inmate. the management must be given one month prior mitten notice.
  4. Every inmate, before admission should be medically examined at any of the approved clinics in Virar / Mumbai, he / she should be free from any contagious or infections disease. The admission committee, at there absolute discretion, may or may not grant the admission.
  5. Two close relatives of the inmate. have to sign from undertaking in the prescribed format at the time of admission to the home as nominee/guardian.
  6. The inmate has to bring all his / her personal needs, such as toilet articles. clothes, woolen, and other personal requirements.
  7. ll inmates will be served uniform food in the dining room and no special food. based on personal likes. will be served except on medical advice.
  8. The inmate is prohibited from bringing in the home and partaking in the home any form of alcoholic drink, drugs, etc. and also from cooking, utensils, smoking, and consuming tobacco in the room.
  9. The independent inmate shall keep their room as well as outside surrounding neat and clean
  10. If the inmates want to play T.V., Radio, or tape recorder then he/she shall keep the volume low, as well as within the time limit, so as not to disturb the other inmates.
  11. The inmates are required to inform and take the permission of the management if they desire to go out of home and are also required to inform on their return which should not be later than 7 p.m. no inmate will stay away from the home except by prior written permission of the management. The inmate shall deposit the key of the room with the management before leaving the home, even for a short duration.
  12. No refund from the monthly charges will be made. Inmates desiring to go out of the home or staying away from the home shall do so at their own risk.
  13. No valuables of the inmates shall be under the responsibility of the institution.
  14. The inmate is forbidden to enter into any contract, agreement with the government or private officials or institution of any kind.
  15. The management is no way responsible for any liability, loan, obligation, or duties incurred by the inmate at any time to any person or institution or their legal affairs.
  16. The personal will of the inmates are requested to be submitted if any.
  17. The inmates are to be kind and respectful towards the employees giving gifts and money to them is not permitted without the knowledge of the Managing Trustees in charge.
  18. 1n In case of sickness or emergency, the management on the advice of the doctor may admit him / her to the hospital, and cost will be met by the inmate or by the guardians. The institute will not bear any expenses. The management will inform the guardian of the inmates at the earliest and guardian thereafter will look after and take care of the inmates
  19. In case of death of a inmate after 24 hours of the intimation to the guardian, if no response to the management, it has the freedom to dispose the body according to their understanding.
  20. The deposit amount is refundable up to 18 months from the date of admission.
  21. It is mandatory for the guardians to pay a visit to their inmate at least once in a month.
  22. All medicines prescribed by the panel doctors / outside doctors to be purchased from the institute chemist shop only.
  23. If the inmate is advised to be hospitalized or take consultation of outside doctors by the papal doctors the guardians are responsible to do so.

Applicant Administrator Declaration cum Undertaking

Applicant Mr./MrsJMiss. Age is related to me/us, as I/we have nominated in the application. we have taken all responsibility of the applicant, in case he/she falls ill, passes away. I/we will carry him/her to my/our home for treatment or Iasi rights. Uwe shall not hold the institution responsible for the same, and all rituals last rights on him/her will be done by me/us, on my/our own expense. I/ we also undertake to take inmate out of the institution having completed all required formalities of the institution. 1/we shall not hold the institute responsible In case the inmates run I go/leaves the institute on his her own without written permission granted by the institution.

I have read the above rules and regulation and I will abide by all of them freely and willingly 101 fail to follow them or cause any problem to the institution, the management is free to take the adequate action.