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Prerna Foundation Drug Rehabilation

The drug rehab process isn’t easy, however. It takes patience and effort on your part. When you enter the process, you may be reluctant, and you might want to quit a number of times along the way, but the results will be worth it in the end.

While the goal of drug rehab is the same no matter what type of treatment you choose, the finer aspects of each type of treatment differ slightly. Some treatments allow for very little freedom during the rehab process and others give you more leeway while you recover. For instance, inpatient rehab is a very insular form of treatment where you reside in the treatment center and are often not allowed to leave the grounds or have visitors. Sometimes these rules are relaxed after you’re out of the early stages of treatment and sometimes they’re not. Outpatient treatment typically has fewer rules during treatment, but may pose more restrictions on you for the times you’re not meeting.

Addiction Counseling During Drug Rehab

Whether you choose an inpatient or an outpatient form of rehab, you’ll participate in many counseling sessions, both as part of a group and on your own. This aspect of treatment gives you the chance to examine your addiction and your behavior, and understand if you chose to use drugs as a coping mechanism. If you determine that you did, your counselor will also help you learn how to handle stress or pain in other ways. Group sessions serve to give you a better understanding of what other addicts are going through, so you can learn from each other’s mistakes. One benefit of counseling as a treatment for drug addiction is that you’re always free to follow up with your therapist when you need additional support.

Drug rehab will have its challenges, but if you’re willing to make the effort, the results are very worthwhile.